8:00 Registration & Coffee
8:30 Opening Plenary
  Breakout Sessions
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9:00 Social Media Collaboration LCI Website
10:45 Social Media e-Clubhouse Online Security
12:15 Lunch
1:30 Social Media Collaboration Online Security
3:15 Odds & Ends Collaboration Online Security
4:45 Wrap Up

Learn about the cloud and what it can do for you and why you should care about it. Review and sample some popular services for online document storage and sharing, iCloud, DropBox, Google Docs and Learn how online collaboration can help your club run more smoothly and effectively. Explore some tools for online event promotion & management, and accepting credit cards online or via mobile device.

LCI makes extensive use of social media tools to spread the work about Lionism, and encourages local clubs to do the same. In this session, we will review the various tools used by LCI and take a look at their social media strategy. Next, we will review the features and benefits and differences between Facebook fan pages and Facebook groups. Follow along on your laptop as the instructor demonstrates how to create one of each, and at the end you’ll have a brand new FB page and a FB group for your club. Finally, we will talk a bit about social media strategies — how to frame your message and how (and why) to foster interaction with your fans & followers.

Going online today, whether it is on a computer, a tablet, or a phone can put your identity, your family, your finances, and your data at risk. In this session, you’ll learn some tips for protecting yourself while navigating in the online world. Learn how to create a password that you can remember but isn’t easy for hackers to guess. You’ll also learn how to identify phony websites that try and get you to divulge personal and financial information. What do you do if you fall prey to these traps? What safeguards are there for kids on the web and mobile devices? You’ll even learn how to lock out your kids’ texting during dinnertime!

The LCI website is rich in content and tools to help your club perform at peak efficiency. So rich, in fact, that it can be challenging to find what you’re looking for or to discover all of the features available to you. Follow along on your laptop as your instructor takes you through the site — bookmark the pages that interest you for later exploration. Find tools like sample press releases, official logos and artwork, self-paced training courses in a wide variety of topics, from how to perform your leadership role, to how to manage a project, manage conflict, and many others.

Create a YouTube Channel, and upload a video. Create a WordPress Blog and post some content (including a YouTube video). Understand how to read & post to Twitter. Other topics selected by participants, as time permits.

Having trouble launching a club website, or keeping it updated? Not sure what tools to use? Or maybe you took over the website from someone who created it with software you don’t have and can’t get for your computer. The e-Clubhouse offers a free solution to all of these problems. Create your website and maintain it using the online tools provided. The e-Clubhouse includes a password-protected “Members Only” section with group email capability, message boards, polling and other members-only communications tools. NOTE: If you plan to take this session, you must sign up for an e-Clubhouse well in advance of the Forum. It takes a minimum of 24-48 hours for your clubhouse to be set up after you submit your application. Visit to apply today, and bring your login credentials with you to the Forum.